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Transport a variant

To add a select screen variant in a transport order, use program (SE38) : RSTRANSP.

You can also do it directly on your report :

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Delete leading ZERO with ABAP


Several synthax below to do the same thing :
(Notice that you have to work with a field type CHAR to remove the ZERO, will not work with a NUMC variable)

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Write selections parameter in spool of report

  DATA : li_tab TYPE TABLE OF trdir-name,
         infotab TYPE t_varinfo OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.

      mode      = li_tab
      rname     = sy-repid   "program name
      rvariante = ''         "variant name
      infotab   = infotab.

  LOOP AT infotab.
    WRITE / infotab-line.

Import/Export SAP-SCRIPT objects

Use program : RSTXSCRP.

My Selection-screen macros for reports

Macros that I’m using for formatting reports quicker.

Theses are declared in the TOP of report.

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Transport a query (SQ01)

Use program : RSAQR3TR.

Une query peut potentiellement être créée / modifiée sur tous les systemes (Dev/…/Prod) – à condition d’avoir les droits adaptés.
Pour la transporter il faut d’abord exporter son contenu dans un OT.
Il faut ensuite sur le système cible (et sur chaque mandant cible si la query n’est pas globale) réimporter la query.

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SAP performance tools

SE30 : Runtime analysis

ST05 : Performance analysis (SQL trace)

Remove lock entries

To remove lock entries, use transaction SM12.

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READ TEXT – Code for mass extract

When needed to perform standart text mass retrieve, you can use the following code :
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