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Check if BADI is implemented

Transaction SE18, enter your BADI name and go to
Enhancement Implementation –> Overview :

DELKZ : Code list of MRP elements

Most used :
ValueDesignation ENDesignation FR
AR Dependent reservationRéservation dépendante
FE Production orderOrdre de fabrication
PP Planned independent requirementBesoins indépendants Prévisionnel (BIP)
QM Inspection lot for quality management Lot de contrôle QM
SA Simulation orderOrdre de simulation
SM Sim. dependent reqmtsBesoin dépendant de simulation
WB Plant stockStock division
All values :
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WM: Customize print program

Check transaction OMVL

QM – Meaning of field STEUERKZ

Field STEUERKZ can be found in QM tables like QPMK.
It is divided into 30 charcacters. It corresponds to fields into structure QMKST.

Check this post to have the meaning of each position :


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Edit shipping point informations

To edit the shipping point information (data stored into TVST table), use transaction OVXD.

Search tag: d’expé, d’expédition, VSTEL

Get SAP access keys (SCCR keys)

Sometimes you need to edit standard object.
When you implement notes for instance, you may have to edit standard object by doing manual actions.

To do that, an access key is required.

To get an access key, you need to have a S-USER linked to your SAP installation to access the SAP portal applications.

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Dispay message parameters in message long text

Like that :

Use tag : &V1&, &V2& &V3&, &V4&.

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RF – Add specific screens

In addition with specific code done, new specific screens must be declared on the custo.
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