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Clear Adobe form cache

If you work with adobe form translations, you will see that translations are not effective immediately. It is because of cache.

To clear the cache, launch program : FP_PDF_TEST_26 .

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Create ALV with class CL_SALV_TABLE

Example of implementation in SE38 : SALV_DEMO_TABLE_SELECTIONS.

Simply display ALV table

  DATA : go_alv_table TYPE REF TO CL_SALV_TABLE.

          r_salv_table = go_alv_table
          t_table      = gt_table_to_display ).
    CATCH cx_salv_msg.

  " Optimize columns width
  DATA(lo_columns) = go_alv_table->get_columns( ).
  lo_columns->set_optimize( ).

  " Apply zebra style to lv_rows
  DATA(lo_display) = go_alv_table->get_display_settings( ).
  lo_display->set_striped_pattern( cl_salv_display_settings=>true ).

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Create a transaction from SM30

To create a transaction to directly edit a table managed in SM30, go to SE93, create a Transaction with parameters, and follow steps below :

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Sapscript – Center an include text

Let’s say we have a paragraph to center text declared as CS, to use this paragraph on an include text, add PARAGRAPH <paragraph name> at the end of INCLUDE TEXT declaration :


Transport data from applicative table

Check the step by step process here : .

Key to put in Development/Correction TO task :

Short description Prog. Obj. Obj. name Fun
Table Contents R3TR TABU <Table name>
Icon to add tabke keys to transport

Click on this Icon to add lines to transport (precise the keys)

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Catch HTML events with ABAP


Get SAP access keys (SCCR keys)

Sometimes you need to edit standard object.
When you implement notes for instance, you may have to edit standard object by doing manual actions.

To do that, an access key is required.

To get an access key, you need to have a S-USER linked to your SAP installation to access the SAP portal applications.

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Print form in Duplex

Spool, SAP-Script, Smartforms

Check this post :

Adobe form

The duplex printing of the adobe PDF forms can be achieved by setting the parameter available on Master Page of Adobe PDF.
This option is available in Adobe Live Cycle Designer 8.0 version.
The option is in the object view of the master page.

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Change Adobe form output format : Portrait or landscape

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Edit Print message

Use transaction: NACE
For PP, use transaction: OPK8

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