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Clear Adobe form cache

If you work with adobe form translations, you will see that translations are not effective immediately. It is because of cache.

To clear the cache, launch program : FP_PDF_TEST_26 .

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Reverse sorting of an internal table

Use method CL_RS_DATA=>SWITCH_ORDER( ) :

CALL METHOD cl_rs_data=>switch_order( CHANGING c_t_data = lt_my_table ).

Check if BADI is implemented

Transaction SE18, enter your BADI name and go to
Enhancement Implementation –> Overview :

Adobe form, count number of elements in a subform with JS

The goal here is to define of there are data into the table, if not, we hide the subform. That means, we hide the whole table (border and header line).
There are several ways to proceed, this is one :

Table from context is binded like :

  • LINE_TEXT_HEADER_PO binded with $.DATA[*] (repeat subform for each data item is ticked)
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Merge PDF files with ABAP

If you want to merge PDF files on SAP server, you will need a third party software installed on SAP Server.
Here is one solution with PDF ToolKit :

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Re-init buffers

In transaction code input field : /$sync
(to be done in transaction SESSION_MANAGER).

This re-init all buffers, useful when developping ALV layouts.

Use with caution as it will decrease SAP response time after refreshing the buffers.

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Sapscript – Copy a SAPSCRIPT

In transaction SE71 on an existing SAPSCRIPT :