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Create a transaction from SM30

To create a transaction to directly edit a table managed in SM30, go to SE93, create a Transaction with parameters, and follow steps below :

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List clients available in a system

Use transaction SCC4.

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Transactions SAP SD (with French translations)

SD = Sales and distribution (Vente et distribution)
ADV = Administration Des Ventes

Commandes clients (commandes de vente): sales order
VA01 – créer une commande client standard – create sales order
VA02 – modifier commande client, annulation de la commande – change sales order
VA03 – afficher commande client – display sales order
VA05 – liste des commandes client – list of sales orders
V.02 – commande client : commandes incomplètes – incomplete SD documents

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SAP PM transaction codes

Here are only displayed the transaction I most use.

IL03 : Display Functional Location (Afficher poste technique)

IQ03 : Display Material Serial Number (Afficher le numéro de série d’un article)

IE03 : Display Equipment (Afficher Equipement)

Remove lock entries

To remove lock entries, use transaction SM12.

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Transport standart text (SO10)

Use program (SE38) RSTXTRAN to put a standart text in a transport order (TO).

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