READ TEXT – Code for mass extract

READ TEXT – Code for mass extract

When needed to perform standart text mass retrieve, you can use the following code :

* compressed text data with text name
  TYPES: BEGIN OF ts_stxl,
           tdname TYPE stxl-tdname,
           clustr TYPE stxl-clustr,
           clustd TYPE stxl-clustd,
         END OF ts_stxl.
  DATA:  li_stxl TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ts_stxl.
  FIELD-SYMBOLS: <stxl> TYPE ts_stxl.

* compressed text data without text name
  TYPES: BEGIN OF ts_stxl_raw,
           clustr TYPE stxl-clustr,
           clustd TYPE stxl-clustd,
         END OF ts_stxl_raw.
  DATA:  li_stxl_raw TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ts_stxl_raw.
  DATA:  ls_stxl_raw TYPE ts_stxl_raw.

* decompressed text
  DATA:  li_tline TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tline.
  FIELD-SYMBOLS: <tline> TYPE tline.
  DATA : ls_thead TYPE thead,
          li_thead TYPE TABLE OF thead.
  DATA : ls_text TYPE ts_text.

  IF NOT li_thead[] IS INITIAL.
** select compressed text lines in blocks of 3000 (adjustable)
    SELECT tdname clustr clustd
           INTO TABLE li_stxl
           FROM stxl
           FOR ALL ENTRIES IN li_thead
           WHERE relid    = 'TX'          "standard text
             AND tdobject = 'PMS'
             AND tdname   = li_thead-tdname
             AND tdid     = 'LTXT'
             AND tdspras  = sy-langu.

    LOOP AT li_stxl ASSIGNING <stxl>.
*   decompress text
      CLEAR: li_stxl_raw[], li_tline[].
      ls_stxl_raw-clustr = <stxl>-clustr.
      ls_stxl_raw-clustd = <stxl>-clustd.
      APPEND ls_stxl_raw TO li_stxl_raw.
      IMPORT tline = li_tline FROM INTERNAL TABLE li_stxl_raw.

      LOOP AT li_tline ASSIGNING <tline>.

*      -----------------------------------------------
*      use the text related to object the way you want
*      -----------------------------------------------


    FREE li_stxl.


Content in debug of LI_TLINE (for one text).

Content in debug

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