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TRANSLATE and code inspector

By using TRANSLATE key word, you can have in code inspector, or extended check issues/warnings, the error : “Dangerous use of translate in multilingual system”.

To avoid that :

* Set locale for given language (needed for upper-case translation)

* Translate to upper-case

Transport ALV Layout Variants

You can save your ALV layout variant in customising transport order with function module (SE37) : LT_VARIANTS_TRANSPORT.

In table T_VARIANTS, specify your report name (T_VARIANTS-REPORT) and variant name (T_VARIANTS-VARIANT) your want to transport.

Search tag: mise en forme, grille, variante

Declare constant with initial value

This is the only way to declare initial value in a constant :

CONSTANTS : c_matnr_empty    TYPE matnr VALUE IS INITIAL.

Get your development access key

It is stored into table DEVACCESS.

Search tag: dev access, clé de dev

Check missing authorization objects

Just after your authorization error, launch transaction SU53.

Edit Transport Orders status & properties

To edit transport orders or tasks status & properties, use program : RDDIT076.

⚠️ This program no more exists on last S4 SAP version.

Search tag: TO, OT, e070, e071, release, derelease, task

Set or change/delete user preference on ALV export


Convert text in UTF-8

When opening data in UTF-8, the transfered text must also be converted to UTF-8.
Check method described :
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Debugger shortcut to debug popup

Use the file below to trigger the debugger.
For instance in popups, it is not possible to write /h as transaction to debug. Use file below.
Drag the file and drop it in the SAP windows where you want to trigger the debugger.

Download file here : (ZIP file).
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How to debug a background job ?

In SM37, type JDBG (like Job Debug in Background).

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