Convert date to local timezone

Convert date to local timezone

Check code example below :

  DATA : lw_timestamp     TYPE timestamp,
         lw_date_syst     TYPE datum,
         lw_time_syst     TYPE uzeit,
         lw_date_local    TYPE datum,
         lw_time_local    TYPE uzeit,
         lw_syst_timezone TYPE tznzone.

  " Retrieve system timezone
  " ------------------------
  SELECT SINGLE tzonesys
       FROM ttzcu
       INTO lw_syst_timezone.

  " Convert date / time to system timestamp
  " ---------------------------------------
  CONVERT DATE lw_date_syst
          TIME lw_time_syst
          DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 'X'           " Manage summer/winter time
          INTO TIME STAMP lw_timestamp
          TIME ZONE lw_syst_timezone.

  " Convert timestamp to local date/time
  " ------------------------------------
  CONVERT TIME STAMP lw_timestamp TIME ZONE sy-zonlo
  INTO DATE lw_date_local
       TIME lw_time_local.

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